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Dear Sir/Madam, We want to make paper/tv ads with few noted film artists for our company M/S DIVYA VEDIC HERBAL PHARMACY. Pls give us contact particulars of Mr. Nagababu, Mr.Rajendraprasad, Jabardasth fame Ramya and tv anchor Suma. We are ready to provide the concerned charges for your services. Your early reply is highly appreciated
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2 days € 13
0 Offers
2 days €13
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I require a 3d-model artist who can deliver an accurate output as it is given in the specimen. Human characters are to be the modelled.
4 Offers
7 days € 110
4 Offers
7 days €110
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We need a 3d-model artist who could give an excellent output of a Human out of a photograph. Should be capable of understanding the requirements quickly and be able to deliver the order accurately.
3 Offers
10 days € 73
3 Offers
10 days €73
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Hi! I am a young designer for a company and I need a 3d model artist who can provide 3d models out of a photograph.
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12 days € 73
3 Offers
12 days €73
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We are looking for a 3d model artist as soon as possible. He or she should be ready to take inputs for changes, should be giving accurate output model.
2 Offers
15 days € 92
2 Offers
15 days €92
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