About us

   Our founding team of Art Directors, Production Designers and Engineers created GreatFilmJobs in the year 2015. We had started serving the Film industry since two decades, when technologies were primitive. Through this journey of Art Direction & Production Design we had to do many jobs such as erecting micro to large sets for Feature films, making sculptures, building TV Studios, Talk show mini sets & Reality show grand sets, Hydraulic sets, Graphics etc. There were also many micro jobs involved in this field such as picking up good locations, accounting, making a short personalized animation video, getting hand- made props ready for the shoot etc, consuming time, efforts, man power and turns to be expensive.

    Art Direction / Production Design needs a lot of expertise in almost all the fields in that we come across in our daily life. In fact, we couldn’t imagine the heights of requirements movie making has in the fields other than Art Direction, like digital works, software, training, after effects, sound, photography etc. In reality movie making is all about artificial creation of realistic world on screen. Eventually, we took our necessity as a challenge and added to our interest in the web, we created GreatFilmJobs.com, a portal mainly dedicated to the Global Feature Film & TV Industries, a world within.

   Our goal is to save time, money and efforts of art directors, artists, architects, game developers, visual effects studios, TV studios, Film production houses and creative professionals around the world and instead let them add their own personality to their creations by selling services in GreatFilmJobs.com, which can be a lifesaver in a time crunch!

   GreatFilmJobs is our first trial of serving the industry to a larger extent. This is a platform built by suggestions that our users want and need, where the talented can buy and sell services- A new way to freelance. A one stop shop for Films- making- short films & feature films. This way, GreatFilmJobs is inclined to serve all. Although GreatFilmJobs is specifically started to serve the film industry. We tried and are still trying to add as many services as possible to meet the requirements. The services or the micro jobs that are available are going to be numerous and simple that a common man also can buy these services from the portal.

   Our mission is the same as it was when we started: To provide the Film & TV Industry the services required for filming and also a chance to many talented artists a chance of freelancing, a chance to make a living and a chance to serve & join Film industry.